Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club- Ohia
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

for the week of: 02-10-2023 to 02-17-2023

This is confirmation of your rental request for "Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club- Ohia" for the week of "02-10-2023 - 02-17-2023". Please be aware that the cost of this week is $950.00 plus 4.7120% HI state tax.

To confirm this week, please click the "I Agree" box below and then "Rent This Week".

After placing week on hold, please contact HTSE within 24 hours to confirm this rental. If for any reason you do not want this week, please do not click 'Rent This Week' below. Clicking 'Cancel' will return you to the Rentals page.

Cost:$ 950.00
Tax (4.7120%): $ 44.76
Total Cost:$ 994.76

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